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What is Liturgical Worship?

Worship with an established structure of prayers and readings.


Give an argument for why liturgical worship is the best form of worship

It makes worshippers feel comfortable and as a part of a larger community.


What is Non-Liturgical Worship?

It's a more informal way of worship, with the elements tailored to each service.


Give an argument for why non-liturgical worship is the best form of worship

Worshippers feel like it comes more from the heart


What is Charismatic Worship?

A type of informal worship, with very free-flowing 'spiritually inspired' hymns, prayers and sermons. Some can feel the holy spirit working within them.


How is the bible used in worship?

It can be read out or hymns based on it as it is seen as the 'word of God'


What is Private Worship?

It is done alone or in a small group and can be liturgical or non-liturgical.


Give an argument for why private worship is the best form of worship

It allows worshippers to feel 'alone with God' and build a relationship with 'God'


What is prayer?

Prayer allows worshippers to talk to and listen to God and Jesus spoke that if sincere God would always listen and answer how he feels best.


Why is worship important?

Worship helps people connect with God and gain a deeper connection.


What is the Lords Prayer?

The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples when they asked 'Master, how should we pray'


What are the 7 sacraments?

Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Healing, Marriage, Ordination


What is a sacrament?

The external and visible sign of an inward spiritual grace.


Why do some Christians not like sacraments?

Most of them are never referenced to in the Bible and Jesus probably did not intend for his actions and words be turned into rituals.


What is Baptism?

A sacrament that allows passage into the Christian communities and cleanses one's self from all sin; allowing spiritual growth.


What are the 2 kinds of Baptism?

Infant Baptism, Believer's Baptism


What is infant baptism?

When a baby is baptised with holy water poured over its forehead three times and a cross made on the forehead as well in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


What is the believer's baptism?

When older children or adults testify as to why they wish to be baptised, then they declare that they will repent sin. They then enter a pool of holy water by three steps to represent leaving their sin behind are submerged 3 times in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as they leave up to three steps representing their new life as a Christian.


Give an argument for why infant baptism is the best form of baptism.

Gifts the child with the Holy Spirit. Allows them to grow up with God's love. Purifies them of the original sin. Enables them to receive the other sacraments.


Give an argument for why believers baptism is the best form of baptism.

Only those who can willingly choose a baptism should as they might grow up outside of the religion and resent the promises made on their behalf. Jesus was an adult when baptised. How can a child even have sins to remove.


What event is the Eucharist about?

The Last Supper


What do the bread and the wine represent in the Eucharist?

The bread represents Jesus' body andf the wine his blood as Jesus during the last supper broke the bread and said 'This is my body' and took the wine and siad 'this is my blood' and told them to 'do this in rememberance of me'