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-Is the way Christians show their love and respect for God
It is important as:
-It strengthens faith
-God demand it
-Purifies the worshipper


Liturgical worship

-Mostly Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches
-Services that follow a set pattern each time
-A priest leads formal prayers which have set responses
-Priest may perform symbolic actions which have a specific meaning


Non Liturgical worship

-Non conformist churches (Methodist, Baptist)
-No set order to services or rituals.
-The basic structure of the service may remain the same each week but the preach may change the order,number of hymns or types if prayer
-More focus on teaching the Bible


Informal worship

-Worship can include dancing and clapping
-Members of church congregation can lead service not just the priest


Private worship

Private worship allows individuals ti spend time with God, either alone or with close friends or family
-It may involve studying, prayer, meditation or using aids to worship such as an icon or a rosary



-Christians believe that God will answer their prayers but not always in a way that a person expects
-Helps make Christians feel more connected with God
-Helps them to have strength and peace in difficult circumstances


Set prayer

-Form of words that have been written down and often read aloud in church services
-Can be hundreds of years old and memorised by christians
-May help them communicate with God when they are not sure what to say


Informal prayer

Spontaneous -Christians make up their own prayers to respond to needs in their own life
-By using their own words, Christians may feel that they can be more open to God


The lords prayer

-Set prayer that bible reports Jesus taught his disciples
-Gives Christians a pattern on how to pray
-Reminds them on the need to forgive others
-Often used in christian worship - read out loud in church, usually in liturgical worship services and in rituals like holy communion



Is a ritual which outwardly expresses an inner spiritual experience



-A sacrament through which people can become members of the church. Water is used to symbolise the washing away of sin
People become baptised because:
-In bible Jesus was baptised and encouraged his disciples to do it too
-Person feels accepted into the Christian communtiy
-Symbolises a fresh start and publicly shows a person is Christian


Infant baptism

-Parents will bring their baby to Church to be welcomed into Church family and is also a way to thank God for new life
-Priest will pour water over baby's head and use oil to make a cross on forehead. Baby's parents and god parents will make promises to bring up child as a christian


Adult baptism

-Some Christians believe a person should choose to be baptised and a baby is not old enough to understand the meaning of baptism and that children should wait until old enough to make their own decisions
-Person publicly declares they are a christian and is then slowly submerged into water and brought back out again.
-This symbolises that they have died to their old life and are born again as a Christian


Eucharist (holy communion)

A sacrament which helps Christians remember and give thanks for Jesus sacrificial death. Bread is eaten to symbolise Jesus body and wine is drunk representing his blood
Christians celebrate communion because:
-Brings Christians together as one community
-Helps Christians feel closer to god as they remember what he has done to save them through Jesus
-Jesus commanded them to do it


Contrasting interpretations of the meaning of Eucharist

-Catholics/ Orthodox believe in transubstantiation (bread and wine become actual body and blood of Jesus)
-Divine mystery how it happens but they are present at death and Resurrection of Jesus

-Protestants believe bread and wine are symbols of Jesus body and blood
-Seen as an act of remembrance of Jesus words and actions at last supper as well as a chance tor reflect on the meaning of is death and Resurrection


Contrasting ways Eucharist is practised

-People come forwards to receive bread and wine individually from the priest
-If you are not christian you are not encouraged to participate

-Bread and wine is distributed to people where they are sitting and they all take it at the same time
-Anyone is welcome to take part if they are wishing to do so



Is a journey made for religious reasons to a sacred place
They are important because:
-Helps Christians grow closer to god as they visit places from bible or where people have had extraordinary experiences of god
-May go to seek haling from an illness that cannot be cured by a doctor
-Meet others who share their face and give a sense of untiy


Lourdes (south west france)

-Dedicated to Mary after a young girl had a vision of her in a cave
-Many christians come to bathe in the water in the cave as they believe it has healing properties
-Thousand pray in the cave where mary appeared


Iona (Scottish island)

-St columba started a christian community here
-Some believe its a 'thin place' where it easier to feel God's presence - where nature reveals gods power
-People visit to enjoy natural beauty of area as well as spend time in silence and meditation


Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

-Remembers the incarnation of jesus
-Seen as a time of 'peace and goodwill' where Christians celebrate Jesus' birth


How do Christians celebrate Christmas?

-Exchange presents to remember the wise men bringing presents to Jesus
-Decorate home with lights to represent Jesus being seen as light of the world


Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

-Remember death of jesus on good friday when he was crucified
-Celebrate jesus resurrection on Easter Sunday when jesus came back to life, giving christians hope of eternal life


How do Christians celebrate Easter?

-May walk together through a town high street with a cross to mark jesus death
-On easter sunday sunrise services are held and breakfast is shared, usually eggs to symbolise new life


Food banks

-provides emergency food and helps people in crisis in UK
-Non perishable food is donated and is sorted and distributed by volunteers


Street pastors

-Christian adult volunteers patrol the streets in urban areas to be a reassuring presence to local community
-They spend time listening to people problems, giving guidance and helping to discourage antisocial behaviour


Alpha course

-A course started in the UK introducing christian faith or for those interested
-Takes place in church, peoples homes, universities or workplace


Christ for all nations

-Works primarily in Africa, holds big meetings
-At the meetings christian faith is shared by preacher


How does worldwide church work for reconciliation?

-Bible teaches jesus died to reconcile humans with God Therefore they believe it is important to wok for reconciliation in the world.
-Irish peace project


How does worldwide church work for persecution?

-80% of all religious discrimination in world id directed to christians. Jesus taught that christians should feel blessed when they are persecuted because jesus himself was persecuted
-Christian solidarity world wide -documents and raises awareness of religious persecution


How does worldwide church respond to world poverty?

-In bible jesus teaches that those who do not help poor may go to hell
Christian aid