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When did LT. Christopher Mosko die?

April 26, 2012 in the Ghanzi Provence of Afghanistan when a bomb detonated below his vehicle. 17th Navy EOD Tech killed post 9/11


When was Lt. Mosko born? Where?

November 18, 1983. Born in Worcester Massachusetts.


Where did Lt. Mosko graduate college?

Drexel University in Philadelphia with degrees in Finance and Engineering in 2007.


When did Lt. Christopher receive his commission and graduate Bomb School?

Lt. Mosko received his commission in the summer of 2007 and graduated from Bomb School in October 2008.


Where did Lt Mosko spend his first deployment?

Christopher Mosko deployed with EOD Expeditionary support unit 1 onboard the Carl Vincent during humanitarian operations off of Haiti after the 2010 earthquakes.


How did friends and family describe Christopher Mosko's personality?

Driven, intense, serious


What mobile units was Christopher Mosko attached to?

Mobile Unit 3.


Who was LT Mosko a part of and attached to when he died? When did he deploy?

Christopher Mosko was in command of platoon 3-8-1 which was in support of SEAL Team 3 and Army's 3rd special forces group. He deployed December of 2011


Who is Lt Mosko's late wife?

Amanda Mosko