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Act 1 Scene 1

1) Agrippine, Albine
2) Agrippine confides in Albine that, by kidnapping Junie, Néron is undermining her plans and is hence indicative of her future disgrace


Act 1 Scene 2

1) Agrippine, Burrhus, Albine
2) Agrippines accuses Burrhus and Sénèque of being responsible for her sidelining
2) Burrhus justifies himself by pointing to the merit of Néron's reign


Act 1 Scene 3

1) Agrippine, Britannicus, Narcisse, Albine
2) Britannicus laments the kidnapping of Junie and Agrippine offers her assistance


Act 1 Scene 4

1) Britannicus, Narcisse
2) Britannicus tells Narcisse he is determined to regain power, even if he doubts the honesty of Agrippine


Act 2 Scene 1

1) Néron, Burrhus, Narcisse, Gardes
2) Néron orders Palace's exile because he suspects him of leading Agrippine astray


Act 2 Scene 2

1) Néron, Narcisse
2) Néron confides in Narcisse, who reveals himself to be a double agent, that he is in love with Junie
3) Néron learns that Junie and Britannicus are in love with one another


Act 2 Scene 3

1) Néron, Junie
2) Neron confesses his love to Junie and asks her to marry him
3) Junie gives many reasons for refusing him and ends up confessing her love for Britannicus
4) Néron states that Junie has to break up with Britannicus or else Néron will kill him


Act 2 Scene 4

1) Néron, Junie, Narcisse
2) Narcisse announces the arrival of Britannicus
3) Néron hides in order to observe the interaction of Britannicus and Junie


Act II Scene 5

1) Junie, Narcisse
2) Junie asks Narcisse to warn Britannicus but she is too late as Britannicus is already there


Act 2 Scene 6

1) Junie, Britannicus, Narcisse
2) First meeting of Junie and Britannicus
3) Forced to be cold by Néron, Junie cannot explain to Britannicus that they are being watched by Néron and is forced to chase him away with an icy tone


Act 2 Scene 7

1) Neron, Junie, Narcisse
2) Junie flees in tears and refusing to listen to Néron


Act 2 Scene 8

1) Néron, Narcisse
2) Néron is furious now that he has seen the love that Britannicus and Junie hold for one another
3) Néron asks Narcisse to torment Britannicus


Act 3 Scene 1

1) Néron, Burrhus
2) Burrhus tries in vain to deter Néron from loving Junie


Act 3 Scene 2

1) Burrhus
2) Burrhus fears Néron's cruel nature and does not know how to appease his fury
3) Seeing Agrippine, he wants to confide his worries in her


Act 3 Scene 3

1) Agrippine, Burrhus, Albine
2) Aggripine accuses Burrhus of being responsible for the exile of Pallas and Néron's plan to divorce Octavie to marry Junie
3) Agrippine threatens Burrhus with slander and the restoration of Britannicus
4) Burrhus defends Néron


Act 3 Scene 4

1) Agrippine, Albine
2) Agrippine vents her anger to Albine
3) Agrippine says she is prepared to do anything in order to have revenge on Néron


Act 3 Scene 5

1) Britannicus, Agrippine, Narcisse, Albine
2) Agrippine confirms her support for Britannicus


Act 3 Scene 6

1) Britannicus, Narcisse
2) Narcisse tries to dissuade Britannicus from seeing Junie
3) Junie appears in the distance and Narcisse runs to warn Néron


Act 3 Scene 7

1) Britannicus, Junie
2) Second meeting between Junie and Britannicus
3) Junie reassures Britannicus of her love for him and warns him of the danger that threatens him


Act 3 Scene 8

1) Néron, Britannicus, Junie
2) Néron catches Britannicus kneeling in front of Junie
3) Scene of confrontation between the two brothers, in which Néron has Britannicus arrested
4) Junie threatens to retire from the world to avoid being an object of contention between the two brothers


Act 3 Scene 9

1) Néron, Burrhus
2) Néron accuses Agrippine of having organised the meeting between Junie and Britannicus
3) Néron orders Burrhus to arrest his mother


Act 4 Scene 1

1) Agrippine, Burrhus
2) Burrhus tells Agrippine that Néron has agreed to meet with her


Act 4 Scene 2

1) Agrippine, Néron
2) First encounter between Agrippine and Néron
3) In her tirade, Agrippine reminds Néron of the crimes that she committed in order to put him on the throne
4) Néron accuses her of acting only to satisfy her own ambition for power and accuses her of supporting Britannicus
5) Néron pretends to ascent to all her demands, notably a reconciliation with his brother


Act 4 Scene 3

1) Néron, Burrhus
2) Néron reveals that he has lied to his mother and that he will kill Britannicus in the next few hours
3) Burrhus tries to reason with him and says he would rather die than see Néron become a tyrant
4) Faced with the tears of Burrhus, Néron gives in to his pleas


Act 4 Scene 4

1) Néron, Narcisse
2) Néron tells Narcisse that he wants to reconcile himself with Britannicus
3) Néron persuades him to poison Britannicus


Act 5 Scene 1

1) Britannicus, Junie
2) Third and final meeting of Junie and Britannicus
3) Britannicus rejoices at Néron's decision to stage a reconciliation
4) Junie cries because she mistrusts Néron


Act 5 Scene 2

1) Agrippine, Britannicus, Junie
2) Agrippine orders Britannicus to quickly go to Néron pour to conclude the reconciliation


Act 5 Scene 3

1) Agrippine, Junie
2) Agrippine calms Junie's worries
3) Agrippine re-established her power, suggesting she is responsible for the current situation by virtue of her intervention and renewed influence over Néron


Act 5 Scene 4

1) Agrippine, Junie Burrhus
2) Burrhus reveals the death of Britannicus
3) Junie flees


Act 5 Scene 5

1) Agrippine, Burrhus
2) Burrhus recounts how Britannicus' death came about