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Value 1

To respect and integrate the needs of future generations.

CIP members recognize that their work has cumulative and long-term implications. When addressing short-term needs, CIP members acknowledge the future needs of people, other species and their environments, and avoid committing resources that are irretrievable or irreplaceable.


Value 2

To overcome or compensate for jurisdictional limitations.

CIP members understand that their work can affect many jurisdictions and interests. Therefore they practice in an holistic manner, recognizing the need to overcome the limitations of administrative boundaries.


Value 3

To value the natural and cultural environment.

CIP members believe that both natural and cultural environments must be valued. They assume roles as stewards of these environments, balancing preservation with sustainable development.


Value 4

To recognize and react positively to uncertainty.

CIP members believe that the long-term future is unpredictable and develop adaptable and flexible responses to deal positively with this uncertainty.


Value 5

To respect diversity.

CIP members respect and protect diversity in values, cultures, economies, ecosystems, built environments and distinct places.


Value 6

To balance the needs of communities and individuals.

CIP members seek to balance the interests of communities with the interests of individuals, and recognize that communities include both geographic communities and communities of interest.


Value 7

To foster public participation.

CIP members believe in meaningful public participation by all individuals and groups and seek to articulate the needs of those whose interests have not been represented.


Value 8

To articulate and communicate values.

CIP members believe in applying these values explicitly in their work and communicating their importance to clients, employers, colleagues and the public.


Value Statement Paragraph 1

The Canadian Institute of Planners has been dedicated to the advancement of planning since 1919. Planning is an applied science and art based upon knowledge and wisdom gained through education and experience. Although planning philosophy, theory, and practice have evolved over the years, the essential values advocated by the Institute are derived from a long and honourable tradition.


Value Statement Paragraph 2

Planners work for the public good. Planning includes a concern for health, aesthetics, equity and efficiency. As well, planning respects the land as a community resource. It contributes to the conservation of natural and cultural
heritage, and promotes healthy communities and improvements to quality of life.


Value Statement Paragraph 3

Being accountable to their clients, the public and future generations, members of the Institute must practice in an ethical and responsible manner. Representing professional planners in Canada, the Institute has prepared the following Statement of Values, which is intended to provide a source of inspiration and guidance for planners, and the Code of Professional Conduct which is enforceable through the disciplinary provisions of the by-law or through the complementary codes and by-laws of the Institute's affiliates.