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Define Centripetal acceleration

Acceleration of any object travelling in a circular path at constant speed, always acts towards the centre of a circle


Define SHM

Oscillation motion for which a is directly proportional to x and is directed towards some fixed point- characterised by a=-(w^2)X


Define damping

Oscillations in which the kinetic energy is converted into other forms i.e. heat and so the amplitude of the
oscillation reduces.


Define free oscillations

When an object oscillates without a driving force acting to keep it oscillating. Objects undergoing free
oscillations vibrate at their natural frequency


Define Natural frequency

The frequency of the free oscillations of a system


Define forced oscillations

Oscillation in which a periodic driver force is applied to an oscillator


Driving Frequency

Frequency with which a periodic driver is applied to a system in forced oscillation


Define Resonance

When the driving frequency is equal to the natural frequency of an oscillating system. This causes a
dramatic increase in the amplitude of the oscillations.


How would you find F & V from whirling bung experiment? 5 marks

- Student tries to rotate bung at a constant radius

- Force F is calculated from F=mg, where m is mass of the slotted masses

- Measure time t for n revolutions of the bung

- Measure radius r when stationary

- Calculate v using 2PiR/t.


When would you use X=ACosWT?

When pendulum released from highest point and oscillations timed from that point.


Define Displacement

Distance (of the body) from equilibrium position.