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What is the disease pattern from DM and what is the disease pattern from systemic hypertension?

DM is more of a glomerular disease and hypertension manifests as a vascular disease.


What is the first from of MPGN and what two things does it present as?

Primary, so in kids. Presents both with nephrotic and nephritic.


What is the second form of MPGN, what is it associated with, and what are the three causes of the association?

Secondary, so adults. Associated with chronic antigenemia. The chronic antigens everywhere is caused by infections, autoimmune disorders, and tumors.


What 3 populations of patients do we commonly see MPGN type 1 secondary?

1. Hep C
2. Immune complex disorders like lupus and endocarditis
3. Malignancies like leukemia’s, lymphomas, and melanomas.


What kind of tumors are found in membranous glomerulopathy?

Solid tumors


Explain the difference between MCD in kids and adults?

Kids still have good renal function and GFR. Not so much in adults.


Nephrotic patients are particularly prone to infection because of the loss of immunoglobulins, what two pathogens are they most vulnerable to?

Staph and pneumococcal.


What infection are HIV patients getting at a CD4 count of 500 and what cd4 count needs to be reached to get those prototypical HIV infections?

Strep pneumonia at 500, and all others really start to present at 200.


Why is FSGS associated with a loss of GFR?

Because of a loss of renal mass


What is the cause of primary and secondary FGSC?

Primary is idiopathic. Secondary is associated with HIV and heroin.


How do we treat children with APGN and what is their prognosis?

Conservatively with fluids and electrolytes. 95% recover just fine.


Mnemonic for causes of hematuria and what do the letters stand for?

Stones, coag problems, infections, trauma, tumors, and TB.


What age is usually affected by MPGN type 2 and IGA?

Older kids, young adults.


What is the cause of hyperplastic arteriolitis?

Really high blood pressure.


How do we define AKI and what do most severe forms of AKI exhibit?

Rapid decline in GFR. Oliguria or even Anuria sometimes


How do we define chronic kidney injury?

GFR drops to 60 a minute and is irreversible


How do we define ESRD?

GFR less than 5


75% of membranous GN is what type and what is the other 25%?

Primary and then secondary