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What is emancipation and what was the Emancipation Proclamation?

Emancipation is the effort to gain rights for underprivileged or oppressed people
A proclamation that freed all slaves int he rebel states excluded the loyal border states


What is a draft?

A system of selecting people for required military service


Who are copperheads?

Peace democrats who opposed the war


What is a confederate?

A citizen of the confederacy
Often pro slavery
Confederate states were South Carolina Mississippi Florida Alabama Georgia Louisiana Texas Virginia Arkansas Tennessee and North Carolina
Nicknamed a Rebel


What is a border state?

A state on the border between the north and south
Vital to unions strategy Lincoln put many of his efforts into keeping them in the Union


What is a civil war and what was The Civil War

A war between citizens of the same country
The civil war was a war between the Union and confederate states of America


What is a habeas corpus?

A legal process that ensures people accused of something have the right to trial


What were the Monitor and the Merrimack?

They were ironclad ships(ships covered in iron)
The monitor was the union's
The Merrimack was the confederate's


What is a blockade?

A large array of ships blocking someone or something


What is a rebel and who were the rebels?

A rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.
The confederates were also referred to as rebels


What is total war?

A war that involves not only the soldiers but also the citizens of that town or country


What was the anaconda plan? Was it successful?

A plan of attack proposed by general Winfield Scott
He wanted to defeat the south completely by gaining control of the Mississippi blockade southern ports to keep supplies from reaching the confederacy and prevent the exporting of cotton he also wanted to capture Richmond VA the confederate capital


Who was Clara Barton? What was she famous for?

Clara Barton was a nurse who tended many wounded soldiers she was famous for her work helping Union soldiers


Who was Jefferson Davis?

The president of the confederacy


Who was Ulysses.S.Grant?

U.S. Army general who led the union to victory and was elected 18th president of the United States


Who was Thomas stonewall Jackson?

A famous confederate general held his post like a stonewall key in many of the confederate victories in the war wounded in "friendly fire" and soon after died


Who was Robert E Lee?

Confederate general who surrendered to grant in 1865 at end of the war known for brilliant tactics


Who was Abraham Lincoln?

16th president of the United States
-anti slavery
-wanted to preserve Union at all costs gave the call for war when it was apparent that it was necessary to preserve the Union
-issued emancipation proclamation


Who was William Tecumseh Sherman?

A general for the Union army who led the march to see and destroyed many towns(introduced total war)


What was the 54th Massachusetts what were its members famous for?

A regiment composed completely of African Americans famous for their sacrifice and courage


What was the battle of bull run? Who won?

The battle of bull run was the first battle of the civil war. Both sides showed a lack of experience. Fought on July 21,1861. Spectators from Washington D.C. Came to watch on a nearby hill. Confederates came away with the victory.


What was the battle of Antietam ? Was it planned?

Lee had an elaborate battle plan on how to crush the Union but his soldiers lost their plans found by two Union soldiers and placed in the hands of general George McClellan. Two sides met in Antietam near sharpsburg Maryland. Victory for the Union. Deadliest single day of fighting 6,000 dead 17000 wounded.


What was Lincolns priority in fighting the civil war?

To bring the Union back together


What were the goals of the North and south at the start of the war?

South-wanted to gain independence
North- wanted to put the Union back together


What were the advantages of the North and South?

North-better resources more men
South- fighting spirit defensive war


What was life during the civil war like?

Food was rationed farms and plantations were destroyed crops were demolished and many loved ones were lost


What were the different roles women had during the civil war ?

They became farmers worked in factories became spies disguised themselves as men and became soldiers, and they also became nurses


What was the battle of Vicksburg MS?

The battle of Vicksburg was a siege that lasted 47 days form may 18 to July 4,1863 general Ulysses grant surrounded and laid siege to Vicksburg preventing supplies from getting to the south. Union troops used gunships on the river to fire shells into the city. 19,000 soldiers died but only 20 citizens of Vicksburg died. Major turning point of the war after this the confederacy was split in two and lost their final stronghold on the Mississippi River


What was the battle of Gettysburg?

A 3 day battle from July 1-3 1863 was the bloodiest BATTLE of the entire war. It had around 50,000 casualties. Decisive action of the battle was pickets charge where 12,500 confederate soldiers charged the Union defenses on cemetery ridge. This battle really hurt confederate troops and they never really recovered from their losses


What was the Gettysburg address?

A speech made by Abraham Lincoln on November 19,1863 to dedicate the soldiers national cemetery at Gettysburg. In 272 (about 2 minutes ) Lincoln honored the soldiers and their cause and stated his vision for the country. One of the most powerful speeches in American history


What was Sherman's march to sea?

Destruction to the south Using the strategy of total war Sherman burned Atlanta Georgia burned other cities and crops in effort to break the souths will to fight (his troops also took food crops burned buildings and killed livestock)


What happened at Richmond?

When Davis heard that Union soldiers were coming to Richmond he fled with important documents and ordered weapons document and anything that could be useful to the Union be gotten rid of. Fires raged in Richmond any many African Americans rejoiced when Abraham Lincoln came to visit the fallen cities


What happened at Appomattox courthouse?

General Robert lee surrendered to Ulysses.s.Grant on april 9,1865 grant showed compassion giving lee 25,000 rations for his soldiers and allowed them to keep their horses and small firearms the bloodiest war in America ended with dignity and compassion