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What is assimilation

The act of becoming part of a larger culture


What is industrialization

The development of industries in a country or region on a large scale


What is Urbanization

The process of making an area more urban (making cities)


What is immigration

The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country


What are push factors

The reasons that immigrants leave their homeland (such as religious persecutions)


What is progressive education

This is the new educational philosophy that children learn by doing developed by John Dewey


What is yellow journalism

A term for the sensational reporting style pioneered by Pulitzer and Hearst


What are pull factors

Reasons immigrants come to a country such as opportunities or promises


What is realism

A type of writing based on the lives of ordinary people


Who are old immigrants

Immigrants from northern and Western Europe who were mostly Protestants although a small percentage were Catholic


Who were the New immigrants

Immigrants who came primarily from Southern and Eastern Europe and other parts of the world most likely to be Catholic or Jewish


Who are Nativists

Citizens of America who opposed immigration claiming immigrants did not want to assimilate to American cultures and posed a threat to American values


What is a tenement

A run down and often overcrowded apartment house often in a poor section of a large city


Who is Jane Addams

The founder of a settlement house in Chicago called hull house trained and mentored hundreds of women who lived in the slums and offered legal assistance to the poor


What is Ellis Island

A government reception center in New York City


Who was Winslow Homer

An artist who began his career drawing scenes of the civil war he later painted realistic scenes of the New England coast


Who is Mary Cassatt

An artist who painted ordinary people especially women and their children


Who was Henry Tanner

An artist who tried to shatter racial stereotypes he painted African American sharecroppers


What are spectator sports

Games watched for peoples entertainment


What is mass entertainment

Shows such as vaudeville the circus and movies


What is angel island

A government reception center in Francisco bay,California


What is the hull house

A settlement house that helped the poor who lived in the slums providing help and relief from the hardships of life in the cities founded by Jane Addams


What was the settlement house movement

A movement inspired by Jane Addams that was meant to help assimilate immigrants into American culture, ease the transition into America’s values and work force, and help the poor


Who was Joseph Pulitzer

Founder of the New York world newspaper created the 1st modern mass circulation newspaper cutting prices and adding popular attractions like comics and bold headlines


Who was William Randolph Hearst

Founder of the New York journal he set out to beat Pulitzer by out sensationalizing him


Who was Scott Joplin

An American ragtime musician


Who was Mark Twain

An author of realist books The adventures of huckleberry Finn


Who was Horacio Alger

A author of dime novels featuring rags to riches and pluck and lick stories featuring the American dream