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What things will trigger a configuration warning?

- Takeoff with autopilot engaged
- Any trim (AIL, ELE, RUD) not set for takeoff
- Flaps not set to 10 or 20 degrees
- Spoilers not stowed
- Pitch or Roll controls disconnected
- Parking brake set


Doors monitored by the CAS system

- Nose gear doors

- Passenger door

- Emergency exit door

- Cargo door

- Battery bay door

- Aft equipment bay door


With all generators offline the ISI battery will last for _______ .

3.5 hours provided;
- L WSHLD/WINDOW switch ON for


The engine driven hydraulic pumps (EDP) deliver ________ psi of pressure.

3000 psi


Ice accretion on the side windows may indicate what?
And what must be done in this case?

Super-Cooled Large Droplet Icing. (SLD)

- Wing and engine anti-icing must be on
- Leave icing conditions as soon as possible


How far can the nose wheel be rotated and what will happen if this limit is exceeded?

The nose wheel can be rotated 120 degrees left or right of center, movement beyond that will trigger the Amber "NWS LIMIT EXCEEDED" CAS message. If the rotation continues past 123 degrees a metal "over-tow indicator" pin located on the nose gear will shear indicating the need for inspection of the nose gear.


What is the max capacity of the O2 bottle?

5439 liters


What is the minimum pavement required for a 180* turn?

58ft, this includes a 5ft safety margin.


With the torque links disconnected the nose wheel can be rotated to any angle provided _______ of chrome is visible on the strut.

3.5 inches


What are the four colors that a CAS message might be displayed in and what are their meanings?

RED - Warning
AMBER - Caution
CYAN - Advisory
WHITE - Status


Most CAS messages are inhibited on takeoff. When does this feature activate and when does it deactivate?

Activates as the aircraft accelerates through 80kts and deactivates at 400ft or after 60 sec.


The amber [OXYGEN QUANTITY LOW] CAS comes on when the O2 quantity reaches _____?

700 liters


Is the CL-30 certified for ditching?

Yes, if required equipment is onboard.


What engines are on the CL-30?

Honeywell HTF 7000 / AS907-1-1A


How long can you stay in T.O. power?

5 minutes


What is normal thrust for the CL-30?

6826 lbs per side


With less than 1000 lbs of fuel per side the engines are limited to no more than 30 minutes run time, why?

Less than 1000 lbs of fuel per tank is an insufficient amount to cool the hydraulic fluid and could result in it overheating.