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What is innovation?

Innovation is the invention of qualitatively new cultural forms. It involves the recombination of what people already know into something different.


What is borrowing?

Borrowing refers to the adoption of something new from another group.


What is diffusion?

Diffusion is another word for borrowing often used by anthropologists who trace how an innovation is borrowed from one group to another.


Define social acceptance.

Social acceptance is a process that inventions must pass through to become known and accepted by a group of people.


Define cultural contact.

Cultural contact refers to the meeting of two culturally distinct groups.


Define acculturation.

Acculturation is the process of change that occurs due to cultural contact.


Define applied anthropology.

Applied anthropology includes any use of anthropological knowledge to influence social interaction, to maintain or change social institutions, or to direct the course of cultural change.


Define adjustment anthropology.

Adjustment anthropology uses anthropological knowledge to make interaction more predictable between people who use different cultural codes.


Define administrative anthropology.

Administrative anthropology uses anthropological knowledge for planned change by those who are external to the local cultural group.


Define action anthropology.

Action anthropology uses anthropological knowledge for planned change by the local group.


Define advocate anthropology.

Advocate anthropology is the use of anthropological knowledge by the anthropologist to increase the power of self-determination of the local group.