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Cultural types by Lewis

- Linear-active: plan, schedule, organize, pursue action chains, do one thing at a time. eg. Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

- Multi-active: lively, talkative people who do many things at once, planning their priorities not according to a time schedule, but according to the relative thrill or importance. eg. Hispanic America, Peru.

- Reactive: prioritize courtesy/ manners, listen and react carefully to the other side's proposals. eg. Vietnam, China, Japan.


Cover letter

-The covering letter explains why you want the job.
- It should be specific to the job you are applying for, adapted to the target organization, and show that you know about its activities.
- It should highlight your skills and achievements, and show how your background, training, work experience and abilities relate to the job you are applying for.
- It should use formal language, and demonstrate that you have good written communication skills.



- Your CV should be totally honest; you should emphasize your strenghts, but not lie about your experience or skills. It should not say annything that contradicts what you have put on your facebook page or similar.
- Leave out irrelevant info, such as high, weigh, religion, etc.)
- Limit your CV to a maximum of two pages.
- Check for grammatical and spelling or typographical errors.


Tips for job interviews

- Research the company thoroughly.
- Have complimentary things to say about the company and its products or services.
- Be confident and enthusiastic.
- Be prepared to talk about your strenghts and weaknesses.
- Expect questions about difficult situations you have faced, problems you have solved, etc.
- Have examples of succesful experiences with groups or teams.
- Try to say something interesting and memorable about your hobbies.
- Have some questions you can ask the interviewer.