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What is the typical vertical range of Class B airspace?

Starting from the surface with a ceiling ranging from 7,000 feet up to 12,500 feet

Most common ceiling is 10,000 feet


Are Class B airspaces fixed to a standard model or individually tailored to each area?

Each sector of Class B is individually tailored to fit around a given airport(s)

Often segmented into multiple layers that resemble an upside down wedding cake


What must be heard from ATC, for most situations, in order to enter Class B airspace?

"Cleared into Class B"

If you have been radar identified by the approach control with authority then some form of "Cleared direct Charlotte" or "Cleared as Requested" will suffice

"Proceed as Requested" to a point within the Class B airspace will also work (must be approach control with authority)

Always ask for confirmation if unsure


What are the equipment requirements for Class B airspace when flying IFR?

Two-way radio

Mode C transponder

Operable VOR or TACAN receiver


What is the minimum pilot certification required for Class B airspace?

Private pilot or student pilot 

A student pilot must have endorsement from CFI who gave training in the area/airport

Not all Class B airspaces permit student pilots


What is a Mode C veil?

Requires all aircraft operating within 30 NM of a Class B airport to have a Mode C transponder

Extends from the surface up to 10,000 feet


What are the speed limits in/under Class B airspace?

250 KIAS below 10,000 feet

200 KIAS below the floor of a Class B airspace or in a VFR corridor


Suppose ATC assigns you 300 knots or greater inbound (at or above 10,000 feet) and later descends you to 8,000 feet, must you slow to 250 KIAS, per FAR, when passing 10,000 feet or does the instruction of 300 knots still stand?

You MUST slow to and be at or below 250 KIAS when passing 10,000 feet

An ATC instruction cannot clear you to violate a regulation


Does the ATC instruction "Maintain Best Forward Speed" permit an aircraft to exceed the 250 KIAS below 10,000 feet regulation?


If you find yourself below 10,000 feet do not exceed 250 KIAS


What is the Class B airspace depiction on a VFR sectional?

Solid blue lines