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Pic food req

Pic/sic cannot eat same food from same prep service within 6 hrs prior to FDP


Who must be notified if a crew member is not fit for duty

MOD flight operations Manager
call Crew support to get manager phone on duty


How does the chain of command flow upwards from pilots

Chief pilots - Director of Operations Company chief pilot - Vice President of flight operations - Chief operating officer


How does the chain of command flow horizontally to VP flight ops

Director training - director aircraft ops - company chief pilot Director ops - director crew support -manager flight ops safety


maximum actual flight hours

report time (domicile) before 0500 = 8 hrs
0500 - 2000 = 9 hrs . after 2000 = 8 hrs


Cumulative flight time limits

672 consecutive hours = 100 hr max
365 days = 1,000 hrs


Flight time exceedance outside of operators control must be reported to skywest CMO within how many days

10 days


how much rest is required per 168 consecutive hours

30 hours consecutive hours free from duty


are deadhead time included in FDP ?
is deadhead included in flight segments
are Diversions included in additional flight segments?

YES - unless rest immediately follows


If unforeseen circumstances occur can a FDP be extended before takeoff?

Yes as long as PIC concurrence is documented and may not be extended for more than two hours


What does split duty period allow?

allows the rest period not to count towards FDP provide the following are met:
The rest period must occur after the first segment, between 2200 and 0500, is scheduled before the FDP begins, last as long as schedule for, must be at least 3 hours spent at the suitable accommodation. * the combined time of the FDP and rest must not exceed 14hrs.


what period is the WOCL and how many consecutive FDP may infringe on that time.

02:00 - 05:59


How may Skywest schedule up to 5 FDPs that infringe on the WOCL

There must be a rest period of at least 2 hours at the accommodation, the rest period must take place after the first flight segment, the rest period must be as long as scheduled. The rest period will count towards FDP unless the rest period is 3 hours like in the split duty period purpose to exclude FDP.


Types of reserve

Ready Reserve : at the airport all counts as FDP
Short call reserve : must report within 2 hours
may not exceed 14 hours. If not called, 10 hours of rest is required before next duty
Long call reserve : notify prior to the 10 hour rest period. If FDP will operate into WOCL they must be notified 12 hrs before FDP


max RAP short call not called

14 hours


Max Short call RAP after called

the lesser of
16 hrs from start of RAP
Max FDP + 4 added to start of RAP
RAP = max FDP


skywest alcohol policy

8 hours prior to reporting for duty (35 min prior at gate) 45 min prior through security) must not have .02 or greater


FDP begins how long before departure time?

45 min


Required flight items on person

pilot license / type / ratings
company id badge
first class medical
FCC radio license
EFB bag
current jeppesen airway manual FOM SOPM


When is medical valid for skywest and when must it be updated

when confirmation email is received and must be updated on the 25th day of the month at 2359 MST


exemption 11152

skywest issues 72 hr temp PILOT or medical while ordering new one


FCC radio permit requirements

only one pilot must hold FCC cert for international flights


what limits apply for an SIC with less than 100 hours of aircraft type flight time?

the PIC must make all takeoffs and landings if:
the visibility is 3/4 sm / 4000RVR or greater
the runway is contaminated with anything
breaking action reported is less than good / RCC 5 or less
there is wind shear reported
the crosswind is 15 knots or greater
any time the PIC deems appropriate

- cannot fly into SIC qualification airports (aspen)


crosswind +100hr sic limit

20 kts unless with check airmen


less than 100 hour pic mins

add 100 and 1.5 to the landing mins
at the alternate do not add to minimum however minimum will be 300 and 1. CAT II mins NA


PIC and SIC currency Req after practical test or proficiency check

must log 100 hrs within 120 days


Requirements for entry to special PIC qualification airports

PIC or SIC has made entry to airport by aircraft or D flight SIM within previous twelve calendar months. PIC qualified by using pictorial means.


what is SAAT

special airport assessment tool.
uses point system to judge risk of CFIT
1 - 4 four being the most dangerous
each level may have different training req
level 1 doesn't req training level 4 is PIC only


what are the requirements to list take off alternate

must be within one hour in still air with one engine inoperative. Single engine distance is 250 NM for CRJ 200 and 300 for others


Deriving Alternate airport minimums

To list as alternate
add the 200 and 1/5 to the highest straight in min
add 400 and 1 to the applicable min
Cannot use Cat II or RNAV for straight in minimums - LNAV or circling only


can you use RNAV to derive alternate minimums?

yes if there is 1 FMS there must be a FMS fail procedure
LNAV or circling only
Both alternates cannot be based on RNAV
RAIM must be successful


when signing dispatch release what must the WX show on the dispatch release for the alternate?

WX must be at or above planned alternate mins (400 - 1 for example) Once on the way to alternate it is approach mins. If WX changes just after take off the flight may continue as planned or be emended


What is Exemption 17347

Allows the flight to be released even when the conditional WX forecasted is below mins at Dest and or 1st ALT. The conditional WX must not be less than half of the mins VIS for DEST and for 1st ALT VIS and CEILING. A second alternate must be required and that alternate must be at or above mins.


17347 does not apply to what

Outside 48 states
high min captains
Ceiling req of a circle to land maneuver ( ALT only)


contingency fuel

extra 15 min


PIC must notify dispatch when

ETA is 15 min beyond schedule
when cruise alt varies more than 4000 ft from flight plan
when route is further than 100nm off plan


the dispatch release must contain

Departure intermediates , DEST , ALTs
ID number of aircraft
minimum fuel supply
MEL items
WX information
Tail number


When is a New Dispatch release req. vs amended

NEW - new captain
aircraft change
return to field
unscheduled stop

FO/flight attendant change
Alt and routing


High min captain

add 1/2 and 100 unless it is the alternate then it is published or 300 - 1 whichever is higher

Call crew support
only 48 states


what far regulates fit for duty req



who can carry a weapon on the aircraft

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)
Federal Air Marshal (FAM)
Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO)


what are ops specs C055

Deriving Alternate with the table 200 1/2 etc


when is 1st alt req

123 rule or any time dispatch deems necessary in the interest of safety i.e. freezing rain at eta


whhat does 30 minutes of fuel equate to in each type aircraft in pounds?

1050 CRJ 200
1500 all other


when my IFR be cancelled

Min 1000 ft ceiling , Cloud clearances complied with while complying with min altitudes per 91. ATC contact . in B C or D airspace otherwise within 10 miles of airport in class E.
IF not controlled must be in contact with company on ground to give traffic info 10 miles or visual contact maintained