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Jack Robin, formerly Jakie Rabinowitz, was the title character of what popular 1927 film?

The Jazz Singer


The Ladykillers, Rififi, Ocean's Eleven, and Reservoir Dogs are among the movies influenced by what classic 1950 John Huston film noir? Its title (from the source novel of the previous year) introduced into the vernacular a term for an unsafe and alienating urban landscape.

Asphalt Jungle


The 1949 Republic serial "Ghost of Zorro" starred this man who later played the Lone Ranger.

Clayton Moore


Name the classic 1937 Jean Renoir war film and masterpiece of French cinema whose title is the filmmaker's description of war itself and of the belief that war accomplishes any positive ends?

La Grande Illusion


In the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz, the wizard agrees to grant the wishes of Dorothy and her companions when they bring back to him what particular item?



The death of his co-star put an end to Dean Martin's chance to star in a remake of a 1940 Cary Grant-Irene Dunne film. Name the unfortunate co-star AND the title of either the original, or the proposed title of the abandoned remake.

Marilyn Monroe; My Favorite Wife, Something's Got To Give


What two men were born just four days apart in April 1889, fifty years before one lampooned the other with a famous movie portrayal?

Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler


Director Josef von Sternberg is best known for the seven films he made in the 1930s--including Morocco and The Scarlet Empress--for what European-born movie star?

Marlene Dietrich


Breakdance in the middle of the room, or identify this dancing pair who starred in "Top Hat."

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers


What 1941 movie used a 34-inch balsa wood sled called Rosebud?

Citizen Kane As one of the characters concludes: "Maybe Rosebud was something he couldn't get, or something he lost. Anyway, it wouldn't have explained anything." Charles Foster Kane had two sleds. One was named Crusader, but the other was clearly his favorite. Rosebud was also William Randolph Hearst's secret nickname for Marion Davis's clitoris, so he reason to hate the movie. In 1981, Steven Spielberg spent $60,500 buying one of the "Rosebud" sleds


In the 1940s he became the first person to receive nominations as actor, director and writer for the same film.

Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)


After an act of heroism, Ben-Hur appears before this emperor whose name relates to the river of Rome.



Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella, Gerard Butler, and Leslie Nielsen have all portrayed a character on film who, perhaps most definitively, was portrayed in a 1931 film by what other actor?

Bela Lugosi


The 1956 live-action film Anastasia stars Ingrid Bergman and this (actually Russian) actor, who was far more well known for two other movies that came out that same year (neither of which were set in Russia).

Yul Brynner


In the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, the title venue is only open on public holidays, and the staff performs extravagant musical numbers inspired by that holiday. TV showings these days frequently cut one particular number because Bing Crosby, Marjorie Reynolds, and the entire band perform in blackface. What holiday — still recognized by New York state, but never by itself an official federal holiday — does that number celebrate?

Lincoln's Birthday


"Not Tonight Josephine"—purportedly (but likely not) once uttered by Napoleon to Empress Joséphine one evening—was the working title of what 1959 comedy film, in reference to a character portrayed by a character portrayed by one of the movie's main actors?

Some Like It Hot


Starring in the 1927 movie “It” made her the “It” Girl & the quintessential flapper.

Clara Bow


A lunatic hypnotist, his carnival somnambulist, and various asylum inmates (who may not be what they appear) are central to the plot of what 1920 horror film and classic of German Expressionism?

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissed passionately in the surf on Halona Cove on Oahu in this 1953 film.

From Here To Eternity


After kissing Debbie Reynolds goodnight, Gene Kelly is elated and begins doing this, the film’s title.

Singin' in the Rain


Who appeared in 31 films from 1956 to 1969, first as "Clint Reno" and finally as "Dr. John Carpenter," with "Pacer Burton," "Tulsa McLean," "Chad Gates," "Steve Grayson, " and "Lucky Jackson" among the roles in between?

Elvis Presley


What was Elvis Presley's first film?

Love Me Tender


Name the actor who played Fargo Gondorff in the film The Sting II, recorded the massive 1952 hit album Music for Lovers Only, and is the namesake of the former Fifth Avenue Bus Depot in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Jackie Gleason


Sons of the Desert, a fan society of this comedy duo is named for the pair’s 1933 film.

Laurel and Hardy


Nominated three times but with no wins, this reclusive Swede didn’t show up in 1955 to collect her honorary Oscar.

Greta Garbo


When Sam is not playing it once, for old time's sake, he's playing something else entirely along with a full band to drown out the Germans. What are they playing?

Q image thumb

La Marseillaise