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What critically acclaimed 1994 film was a box-office bomb on its initial release but has gone on to extreme popularity (and a #1 all-time ranking on imdb.com), thanks in part to frequent airings on the TNT cable network in the late 1990s and subsequent widespread accolades?

Shawshank Redemption


Which 1990s filmmaking movement was founded with the goal of minimizing modern effects and gimmicks in order to focus on storytelling and the actors’ performances? The movement followed a “Vow of Chastity” manifesto written by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, and the movement’s practitioners included Susanne Bier and Harmony Korine.

Dogme 95


A dedicated group of Chinese American mah-jongg players forms the plot basis, and the title, for what 1993 film (and the 1989 novel on which it was based)?

Joy Luck Club


The mysterious title character of what 1996 film was, as it turned out, a Hungarian aristocrat named László Almásy?

The English Patient


Bill Murray plays a patient who follows his psychiatrist, played by Richard Dreyfuss, on vacation in this 1991 movie.

What About Bob?


Loosely based on what classic 19th century literature title character, Clueless heroine Cher describes finding a boyfriend in high school as "useless as looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie."

Emma Woodhouse


In 1991, the Cannes Film Festival presented a one-time Supporting Actor award specifically for this actor's performance, his breakthrough role as a drug addict. Name the actor.

Samuel L. Jackson (for Jungle Fever)


U.S. presidential candidate Bob Dole cited this film, which National Review ranked as one of the Top 100 Conservative Movies of All Time, as influencing his campaign because of its theme that "no matter how great the adversity, the American Dream is within everybody's reach."

Forrest Gump


After the Cultural Revolution ended, Chinese filmmakers known as the "Fifth Generation" were emboldened to criticize the Mao Zedong era. Shanghai officials banned this Fifth Generation film for its critical portrayal of communism in China and controversial content. However, after it won the top prize at Cannes, officials agreed to show a censored version, fearing an outright ban would harm China's bid for the Olympics. Name the film's English title.

Farewell My Concubine


Give the title of any one of the three films—from 1992, 1996, and 2001—that have come to be known as the "Red Curtain Trilogy." Although unrelated in terms of plot, they share the same director (his first three films) and lavishly incorporate traditional theatrical conventions and lush imagery.

Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge


The 1997 animated film Anastasia, which uses a similar scenario, features an adorable anthropomorphic bat, who shares a name with this (non-Russian) composer.

(Bela) Bartok


The 13th Warrior, a retelling of Beowulf with Vikings on the Volga river and major box-office bomb, is based on this Michael Crichton novel.

Eaters of the Dead


Though she did not star in the film (having died seven years earlier), Rita Hayworth plays an important role (of sorts) as a plot element in what 1994 film?

The Shawshank Redemption


In 1997 she became the first to win an Oscar for a film directed by her husband; her brother-in-law produced the film.

Frances McDormand (Fargo)


This was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It is currently tied with Wall-E for the animated film with the most Oscar nominations.

Beauty and the Beast


As you might gather from the title, the 1994 film Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle was about what storied group?

The four Sex and the City actresses. No, no. This "Mrs. Parker" is Dorothy Parker and the movie centers on her snarky 1920s literary circle: the Algonquin Round Table.