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what is a co-factor?

its a substrate that has to be present to ensure that an enzyme-catalysed reaction takes place at the appropriate rate (also called co-enzymes)


What do organic co-factors do?

> They bind temporarily to the enzymes active site. They participate in the reaction and are changed by it.
> They act as carriers moving chemical groups between different enzymes - are continually recycled


What is chloride ions (cl-)

the are inorganic cofactors for the enzyme amylase


How do inorganic co0factors work?

they work by helping the enzyme and substrate bind together. They don't directly participate in the reaction.


What is a prosthetic group

its a cofactor which is tightly bound to the enzyme


give an example of a prosthetic group and explain it

Zinc ions are a prosthetic group for carbonic anhydrase (an enzyme in red blood cells, which catalyse the production of carbonic acid from water & co2)