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• Tenancy in common

o Each co-tenant has a separate but undivided interest (no physical division)
• Each has a right to possess the whole of the property, neither can ouster the other
o No right of survivorship- person in the Will will take property


o Spiller v. Mackereth

cotenant in common (undivided right to the entire property) doesn’t ow rent to cotenant unless he agrees to or unless he has affected the ouster of his cotenant


Joint Tenancy

o Separate but undivided interest
o Right of Survivorship-when one dies, shares go to survivor
o 4 unities
• Possession- right to posess whole
• Interest- same interest (both have fee simple ab.)
• Time- receive interest at same time
• Title- receive interest in same instrument


Riddle v. Harmon

joint tenant can terminate joint tenancy by conveying interest in the property (w or w/o knowledge of other tenant(s)) to another party. -If you lose a joint tenancy by losing a unity (severance) you get a tenancy in common


Swartzbaugh v. Sampson

joint tenant may convey his share of prop only to extent of his interest in the property
*boxing ring case


Harms v. Sprague

lien placed on one joint tenancy interest doesn’t destroy the joint tenancy

*Title theory states- mortgage is an interest in land.


Lease in joint tenancy

(1) Severance approach- destroys unity of interest and lesee has different interest and destroys time unity
(2) No severance- temporarily suspends JT, does not sever it


oTenancy by entirety:

•Same 4 unities, + marriage


Partition by kind

divide property


Partition By sale

monetary divison, divide proceeds according to each co-tenants interests
Delfino in kind > by sale


Right of survivorship

•Power of succession following death of a tenant
•B takes whole when A dies



•One co tenant denies the other co tenant access to property