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Tested the ampakine CX717, a positive allosteric modulator of AMPA receptors, for its ability to enhance performance on a cognitive, delayed match-to sample task under normal circumstances in well trained monkeys, as well as alleviate the detrimental effects of 20-36 hours of sleep deprivation.

CX717 produced a dose-dependent enhancement of task performance under normal alert testing conditions.

Concomitant measures of regional cerebral metabolic rates for glucose during the task (using PET) showed increased activity in PFC, dorsal striatum, medial temporal lobe- that was significantly enhanced over normal alert conditions following administration of CX717.
Single night of sleep deprivation produced severe impairment in monkeys, accompanied by significant alterations in task-related CMR in these same brain regions.

However, CX717 produced a striking removal of the behavioral impairment, returned performance to above-normal levels even though animals were sleep deprived. Also returned all but one brain region affected by sleep deprivation to normal alert pattern.

Porrino et al 2006