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Name 5 common communication methods used in the design process.

Mood boards
2D/3D sketching
Orthographic projection
Presentation boards


When is a mood board used?

Normally used by the designer as a style reference, when designing. They may also be used by a client, to agree on a particular style with the designer.


When are 2D/3D sketches used?

To quickly explore concept ideas and allow the designer to add critical, evaluative comments or just notes of their own thoughts as they design.


When is rendering used?

To enable the designer to experiment with textures and colour to represent alternative materials and surface finishes.


What is rendering?

The use of line, tone and often colour to make 2D/3D drawings look realistic.


What are orthographic drawings?

Drawings showing the front, plan and end view of the design. These may include dimensions and details of materials.


When are orthographic drawings used?

To convey the design details necessary for manufacture.


Why do designers make models?

To ensure a design is correct, they may use scale models before the product is developed any further.
They may also use the model to present designs to clients and the public.


What are mock-ups?

Rough models, often full size, made of low cost materials, such as card, MDF, etc.


Why do designers make mock ups?

To test different features. For example, product designers often make modelling clay mock ups for things such as handles, to test ergonomics.


What is a prototype?

A high quality model or functioning product that is produced to realise a design solution.


What is a presentation board?

They display high quality renderings, and possibly technical line drawings, showing details of the design.


When would a designer use presentation boards?

A designer may use these when presenting ideas to a client, colleague or to the public.