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What is the one thing dentist aren't sued for

For Skill (usually sued for Poor information, not enough time, not friendly, no concern for patient worries)


That all does the Dentist have to communicate with

Doctor - professionals
Doctor - community
Doctor - Practice
Doctor - Patient


what are some areas of professions that we might need to talk to

Education (teaches, school nurses, curriculum designers, coaches, community college)
Employment (worker's comp, HR)
Advocacy (social workers, case workers, child rpotection)
Mental health (psychologists)
Legal Support (police, attorney general, dental board investigator, defense attorney, coroner)
Health care (DM, DDS)
Habilitation (OT, PT)
Social Service (foster care, domestic violence, child neglet and abuse)


what do you have to do if you suspect child abuse

Mandated reporter:
Good history
Thorough examination
approach parents for incosistencies
Models, rulers, corroborative staff
Indication your concern and your role
take care of child


why might you interact with in the community

Professional teams
Hospital medical staff
Community health issues (Fluoride, sports, school health)
Personal referral relations


How to determine Referral Relationships

Determine who you want
Find like-minded pros
Find up-front people
Establish relationships
Establish buisness relationship
Nurture and evaluate


How to do a referal

State what you want to know and why refering
State what you expect
State what you want to happen after
State your plan of care
Raise red flags if needed
Use outline format
Imaging if appropriate


how to take an incoming referal

Make sure request is clear, if not call referring doctor
restate reason for referral
state findings
Try and diagnose
make recomendation for action


what format should you use for incoming referrals

SOAP format


whats the worst visitor to have

Ohio state dental board


Pre-inspection protocol

Staff training
Document training and complance
instruct how to deal with OSDB


Inspection protocol

See investigators ID
Ask nature and scope of visit
Dentist should be with the OSDB and OSHA during visit


what should be done with contacting Government agents

Minize contact to minimize mistakes
never compromise care


what happens if things go south with OSDB

Document objections
Contest the cooperate with investigator
Engage legal counsel if need be


what are some state and national relationships a dentist may have

AAP and AMA state chapter
Presentions at meetings
Lobbying groups
FEderal programs, panels, task forces
ORganized dentistry


pros of linking with other professional on public health

United effort in oral health
Educates the ggreater health community on oral health
systemic issues in oral health
Innovation benefiting children


Cons of linking with other professional on public health

Turf and authority issues


How to break bad news

Update to break the ice (summarize, calibrate patient, set agenda)
share info (chunks, find silver lining)
Be sensitive
Treatment and support plan


what does HEAT stand for

Hear out patient
Empathize (understnad their feelings, but you are not responsbile for them)
Apolozie (sorry it happened, don't be a culparite though)
Take action (how can we make the situation better


How to deal with special needs

put yourself in their shoes
Focus on helping child
Be open to parents suggestions
Finish in a possitive way
thank parents


who will be your most loyal patients

Special needs patients and families