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Things to consider when preparing the Discussion (4)

What do you want to achieve?

What does the other party want to achieve?

What would be a good compromise?

What is your and the other party's BATNA?
-BATNA = Best alternative to negotiated agreement


What does BATNA stand for

Best alternative to negotiated agreement


Bargaining Tactics (3)

- Reciprocity

- Door In The Face
Making an extreme request and following up with a more reasonable one

Thats Not All Folks
Increase the offer to reduce the costs
Basically give something for free on top of some product/ service


Tactics involving Commitment and Consistency (2)

-Foot In The Door
escalating pattern of requests

-Low- Balling
Change terms after the fact, e.g. ask for meeting at 9am and change it to 7am after the person has opted in

commitment is most effective when in public effortful or viewed as internally motivated


Things to remember in Negotiations

Think about yourself
-What are your goals?
What is your acceptable compromise?
-What is your BATNA?

Think about other party
-What are their goals?
-What could their BATNA be?
-Draft Possible negotiation strategies