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What is continuing healthcare?

If someone has long-term complex health needs, they can qualify for free social care to be arranged and funded solely by the NHS.


How is someone assessed for continuing healthcare?

Assessment is by an MDT and involves assessing primary health needs:
• Breathing
• Nutrition (food and drink)
• Continence
• Skin (wounds and ulcers)
• Mobility
• Communications
• Psychological and emotional needs
• Cognition
• Behaviour
• Drug therapies and medication
• Altered states of consciousness

The patient is rated A, B or C for each category. If they receive 2 or more As or 1A and 5Bs then they will qualify for a full assessment. This full assessment is then sent to the CCGs who assess for whether they qualify for any funding. This whole process can take up to a month.


When someone qualifies for continuing healthcare where is the care provided?

Care can be provided in a care home or can be done in the person’s own home.


What types of funding can people get from continuing healthcare?

FNC (funded nursing care)


What's the difference between a residential home and a nursing home?

Residential Home
These are staffed 24 hours a day too but the staff are not trained in nursing care.

Nursing Home
Staffed at all times by nurses and care assistants. People sent here need nursing intervention.


What must you always ask yourself before referring someone from an acute hospital bed to a community hospital bed?

Before referring from an acute bed in hospital to a community hospital ward the most important to question is could this patient go home?


What are the requirements for someone to be referred to a community hospital bed?

• Do they have a clear medical management plan that is clearly outlined?
• What will the aim be before they are safe to go home?
• When they are discharged what will be their destination
• If coming from a GP is a DNAR form in place?


Which healthcare professionals can be found at a community hospital?

Which health care professionals are involved in care at a community hospital?
• Advanced nurse practitioner
• Nurse
• Occupational therapist
• Physiotherapist
• ASC (adult social care) link worker
• Speech and language therapist
• Dietician
• Consultant


What must you consider about the patients medications before referring to a community hospital?

Are TTO’s required – are there clear labelled boxes with 14 days’ worth of medication supplies in. Is a Dossett box required and make sure they are requested in time before discharge. TTO’s should always be explained with the patient and the NOK on discharge.


What is hospital at home?

Hospital at Home – can be led by primary care, secondary care, or both
This is community-based provision of services usually associated with acute inpatient care


What is the home first form or discharge to assess form?

Used when individuals are medically fit for discharge but still require ongoing home support. It involves a full assessment in their own home within 2 hours of leaving, an occupational therapist will discuss what social and health care is needed to aid recovery and a jointly agreed care plan including what support is required and any equipment needed to help the patient get back into their daily routine.


What is rehabilitation?

An MDT set of evaluative, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions with the purpose of restoring functional ability or enhance residual functional capability in elderly people with disabling impairments. This effectively involves restoring an individual to their fullest physical, mental, and social capabilities.


What is rehabilitation potential?

Concept of rehabilitation potential is important but there is not a very good shared understanding of what rehab potential means between MDT members.