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What is the most common cause of compartment syndrome of the thigh?

Femur fracture; increased incidence with open fractures
3 compartments: anterior, posterior, medial


How often do patients with thigh compartment syndrome have significant long term morbidity?

decreased knee flexion
myositis ossificans
sensory deficits
decreased strength


What is the most common cause of hand/forearm compartment syndrome?

Adults: distal radius fractures
Kids: SCH fx


How many compartments are in the hand? forearm?

Hand: 10, forearm: 3 (volar, dorsal, mobile wad)


What is the threshold for release compartment syndrome in the upper extremity?

Pressure gradient of


Where are the incisions in a forearm and hand compartment release?

Forearm: Volarly the Henry approach, dorsally btw EDC and ECRB (dorsal Thompson)
Hand: two incisions dorsally over 2nd and 4th MC, longitudinal incisions along ulnar and radial border of hand


What are the four compartments of the lower leg and what muscles are contained in each?

Anterior: TA, EHL, EDL, peroneus tertius
Lateral: Peroneus longus and brevis
Superficial post: Gastrocnemius, soleus, plantaris
Deep Post: posterior tibialis, FHL, FDL


What is the first clinical symptom of compartment syndrome? Most sensitive

Pain out of proportion is first sign
Pain with passive stretch is the most sensitive
Parasthesia, pulselessness, poikilothermia, pallor are all late findings


What is the technique for a two incision leg compartment fasciotomy?

Anterolateral incision is 15cm and made halfway btw tibial crest and the fibula
Posteromedial incision is 15cm and 2cm posterior to posterior edge of tibia
Single incision technique: 15cm incision placed over fibula


Where are the incisions for compartment release of the foot?

Dorsal incisions; medial to 2nd MT and lateral to 4th MT
Foot has 9 compartments


What is the technique for four-compartment fasciotomy?