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What are associated injuries with tibial plateau fractures?

1) Lateral meniscal tears (peripheral); more common than medial, a/w Schatzker II
2) Medial meniscus tears; most common with Schatzker IV
3) ACL tears; more common in Schatzker V and VI (25%)


In an uninjured proximal tibia which statement best describes the shape and position of the medial tibial plateau relative to the lateral tibial plateau?

More concave and more distal


What is the classification for tibial plateau fractures?

I- lateral split fx
II- lateral split depression
III- lateral depression
IV- medial condyle fx
V- bicondylar fx
VI- metaphyseal diaphyseal dissociation


What are the indications for ORIF of tibial plateau fractures?

1) articular stepoff > 3mm
2) condylar widening > 5mm
3) varus/valgus instability
4) all medial plateau fxs
5) all bicondylar fxs


What is the strongest predictor of long term outcomes in tibial plateau fractures?

Restoration of joint stability


The posteromedial incision for ORIF of tibial plateau fractures uses what interval?

Between the medial gastroc and semimembranosus


When filling a void during ORIF of tibial plateau fracture, what substance has highest compressive strength?

Calcium phosphate


What is the post-operative care for ORIF of tibial plateau fractures?

Hinged knee brace, NWB for 8-12 weeks, early RPOM


In a Schatzker II tibial plateau fracture, what radiographic measure correlates with a lateral meniscal tear?

Condylar widening of >6mm


What variable will most significantly increase the rate of degenerative arthritis in the long-term of ORIF of tibial plateau fractures?

Restoration of mechanical axis


What approaches are used for tibial plateau fractures?

1) lateral/anterolateral (1-2cm off tibial crest, extend proximally over Gerdy's tubercle and LFC)
2) posteromedial (1-2cm posterior to posteromedial tibial border)


Where should femoral distraction pins be placed in tibial plateau fractures?

1) Shoulder of LFC
2) Well distal to planned plate position

With a lateral distractor, the limb should be placed initially in relative valgus, as distraction creates a varus bending moment when applied