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ares teseted and sub issues

1) intentional torts
(a) battery
(b) assault
(c) IIED
(d) false imprisonment
(e) trespass land/ chattels
(f) conversion

2) Negligence
(a) duty: std of care
(b) breach
(c) causation (actual/proximate)
(d) damages
- always look to first element which would prevent P from recovering

(2.1) land owner duty of care (trespass, licensee, invitee)
2.2: attractive nuisance
2.3: Res Ipsa Loquitor
2.4: vicarious liability
2.5: contributory negligence
- Pure (joint and severally liable), modified)

3. Strict liability (3 types)
(a) abnormally dangerous activity
(b) wild animals
(c) strict products liability
- if establish strict liability, most likely best answer over negligence, intentional torts

4) defamation/ invasion of privacy (essay talk both)
- libel, slander, slander per se
- actual malice: public figure or public concern

Invasion of privacy (4 causes of action)
(a) commercial approration
(b) false light
(c) intrusion of solitude
(d) public disclosure of private facts

5) nuisance


what to do for every case for essay with a torts issue

law out the prima facie case of claim.
- To establish a prima facie case of ... P must show...