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What is your company's complaint handling procedure?

- Complaint sets outs appointed person dealing with complaints (complaints handling officer).
- Procedure on how complaint needs to be dealt with
- Timeline on how long to deal with complaint
- How and when to keep client informed

- If unhappy with redress, follow policy for external redress third party provded by RICS


What is good complaint handling?

- Ensure all staff members have access to and an understanding of a firm's CHP
- Carefully record all complaints at the earliest opportunity
- Establish an adhere to a review process to ensure effective management


What should a complaints handling procedure entail?

• be fit for purpose
• made available to all staff
• be understood by all staff
• readily be shared with complainants or potential complainants
• be agreed with PII brokers/provider(s)


Where can a client go for a complaint?

Complaints handling procedure


You have a friend who is a RICS QS, and is failing to meet standards, what should you do?

Verify facts
Remind them of their duties
Complain if nothing changes


If your client asked you to meet the lowest tender?

Decline and raise this with my management team
I would advise the suitable people as this is not acting within the 5 ethical stds


What should a sole practitioner do in the event of a complaint?

If cannot be dealt with internally

May need to refer to their P.I`
Appoint external party or mediator


What would you do if your client complained?

Try and resolve the issue > inform senior
If issue can't be solved through escalation to senior members
Provide CHP to client