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What is a compressor?

An automated method for reducing the dynamic range of music


What is noisegate?

An extreme expander
• high ratio - reduction of low level noise to silence
• used with drums to cut out the bleed from the rest of the drum kit


What is the threshold?

The pre-set point at which, ONCE PASSED, a compressor or gate starts working, e.g. 50 dB


What is the ratio?

The amount the signal is reduced by once the threshold has been passed.


What is the attack?

The time taken for the compressor to act after the threshold has been passed.


What is the release?

The time it takes for the compressor to STOP reducing the signal after the volume falls below the threshold again.


What can be used to boost the whole signal after the dynamic range has been reduced?

Output/make-up gain


What is a limiter and what are some key features of one?

A limiter is a compressor with extreme settings.
• sharply cuts off once it reaches the threshold
• extremely short attack & release
• very high ratio (15:1 +)
• mostly used for ear & equipment protection


What is an expander and what is it user for?

Opposite of a compressor- REDUCES signal levels below set threshold, expanding the dynamic range
• commonly used as a noise reduced for vocalists to get rid of background noise when they're not singing