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What is the mother board

The heart of the computer, everything is either on the mother or attached to it


What is a CPU

Directly attached to motherboard
Executes programas and receives data input


What is BUS

Moves signals throughout the computer, if further away from CPU, could be slower


What is a sound card

Responsable for sound, attached in a special slot on mother board


What is the graphics card

Responsible for the images you see on the screen
Attached to mother board on special slot


What is RAM

RAM chips are inserted as sticks onto motherboard
Stores temporary information, if computer turns off, ram is emptied
It’s volatile


What is ROM

ROM chips are attached to motherboard
Does not lose info when computer is turned off
Not volatile


What is Cache

Copies data from ROM but can be accessed a lot quicker


What is a hard drive disk

Connects to motherboard with a cable , has lots of storage such as terabytes


What is a solid state drive (ssd)

Store memory but run a lot faster than hard drives (expensive