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Does a computer always give the correct answer?

  • No


Canada's worst IT disaster

  • Therac-25
  • Three deaths


Data reliability assessment

  • Assessments of reliability made in the broader context of the particular characteristics of your research project and the risk associated with the possibility of using insufficiently reliable data


Corroborating evidence in a data reliability assessment

  • This refers to independent evidence that supports information in a database or derived from one. Such evidence, if available, can be found in alternative databases or expert views. Corroborating evidence is unique to each review, and its strength - or persuasiveness - varies.


Risk-level assessment of data

  • Risk is the likelihood that using data of questionable reliability could have substantial negative consequences on the decisions of policymakers and others. To do a risk assessment, consider the following risk conditions, in which the data


Data testing:

  • Can be done by applying logical tests to electronic data files or paper copies of reports, looking for inconsistencies in the data.


Billing errors in computer systems are caused by:

  • Complex systems.
  • Operator error.


Store price accuracy

  • Up to 10% in error


Free and open source software

  • Freeware
  • Shareware
  • Open source


Software copyright

  • Proprietary software
  • Free and open source software