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What does CIA (Sec +) mean?

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability


What is communications security?

The protection resulting from all measures designed to DENY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS information of value that might be derived from the possession and study of telecoms, or to mislead unauthorized persons in their interpretation of the results of such possession and study.


What is the purpose of COMSEC?

To protect sensitive and classified information and equipment from unauthorized disclosure.


What are the levels of classification?

Top Secret - Compromises could cause EXCEPTIONALLY GRAVE DAMAGE to National Security, Secret - Compromises could cause SERIOUS DAMAGE to National Security, Confidential - Compromises could cause an UNDETERMINED AMOUNT OF DAMAGE to National Security.


What are the four components of COMSEC?

Crypto Security, Transmission Security, Emission Security, Physical Security


What is the most dangerous component of COMSEC?

Physical Security


What is the primary COMSEC publication that provides the rules and regulations for the CONTROL and ACCOUNTING of COMSEC material?

TB 380-41 Procedures for safeguarding, accounting, and supply control of COMSECmaterial


What is the primary COMSEC publication that provides rules and regulations for INFORMATION SECURITY?

AR 380-5 Department of the Army information security program


Describe the Tiers in COMSEC Hierarchy.

Tier 0 - Central Facility, Tier 1 - CLSA / COR, Tier 2 - CAM, Tier 3 - User Level Management (HR Holders)


How many Tiers are there in the Hierarchy?



What is the purpose of the Tobyhanna Army Depot?

To store and issue wholesale COMSEC, and and provide depot level maintenance on Army COMSEC equipment.


Within a SFG, at what level is the CAM located?

Group level


What type of COMSEC account would be found at the battalion level?

Hand receipt holders


What is the primary purpose of COR?

Ensure accounts comply with NSA, department / agency COMSEC accountability, and to maintain record of all accountable material


What is the purpose of COMSEC material marked "CRYPTO"?

IDs keying material thats issued to protect or authenticate communications carrying National Security or Related info. May be Classified or Unclassified


What is the purpose of a Short Title?

IDs CRYPTO material type and releasability


What are edition markings used for?

To ID any number of like copies of printed COMSEC material


Where is the SF 701 posted?

On the wall beside the door


Where is part 1 (the first page) of the SF 700 placed?

On the inside of the security container. On every door with a combination dial


Every security container must have what form affixed to the outside of it?

SF 702


When is it required to change combinations on a security container?

When initially placed into service, whenever an individual knows the combination but no longer has a need to know, when the combo has been subject to a possible compromise, annually, and when taken out of service.


Prior to issuing COMSEC to a user, what must the issuing person brief?

Safeguarding, destruction, and inventory procedures


Prior to taking control of and signing for COMSEC material, what must the receiving person conduct?

An inventory


What form is COMSEC material normally hand receipted on?

SF 153 (EKMW)


What type of container must be used to store classified material?

GSA approved container


What DD form appoints a courier?

DD Form 2501


What does last on first off refer to?

Courier will ensure that the material is the last item loaded and the first item unloaded.


What is CCI?

Controlled Cryptographic Item