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Quais são os domínios clínicos de suspeita de concussão?

(a) somatic (e.g., headache) and/or emotional symptoms (e.g., lability), (b) physical signs (e.g., loss of consciousness or amnesia), (c) behavioral changes (e.g., irritability), (d) cognitive impairment (e.g., slow to answer questions or follow instructions and/or slowed reaction time), and/or (e) sleep disturbance (e.g., drowsiness).


The clinician must decide whether there is any indication for referral to a hospital, or whether the player may be adequately managed at home. Quais são os indicadores neurológicos específicos que requerem encaminhamento para o hospital?

Vomiting, dizziness, worsening headache, severe neck pain, double vision, difficulty recognizing people or places, weakness/numbness in limbs, increasing confusion or irritability, slurred speech, seizure, or excessive drowsiness.

Home supervision requires that a responsible adult be present to monitor the athlete over the next 24 to 48 hours. It should be recognized that the appearance of symptoms can be delayed for several hours following a concussive episode.