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Vertical takeoff

-Trim controls to neutral
-Establish hover scan
-Smoothly raise collective till light on skids
-Smoothly raise collective till reaching hover altitude

-Twist grip full open
-Nf/Nr 100%
-Gauges are green
-Fuel ___ gal
-Caution panel is clean
-Clear left, right, and above

Note- in no wind situation, it will be necessary to displace cyclic to the left to overcome anti-torque thrust from the tail rotor to prevent drifting right


Vertical landing

-Smoothly lower collective to begin slow ROD
-Use pedals to maintain heading and cyclic to eliminate drift
-Continue descent with slight collective pressure
-Once on ground, smoothly lower collective to full down


Transition to forward flight



Max load takeoff (simulated)

-In a stable hover, note Ng
-Make a clearing turn and land
-Raise collective slowly until aircraft is just clear of ground
-Begin slow forward motion and remain in ground effect
-Add power as necessary to prevent setting
-When passing through translational lift, adjust cyclic to prevent excessive climb
-Manuever complete when 40 KIAS is attained at altitude no higher than 20' AGL


No hover takeoff

-In a hover, make a clearing turn and land
-Smoothly raise collective
-As helicopter leaves ground, apply slight forward cyclic
-Gain airspeed to reach translational lift as soon as possible
-At 40 KIAS adjust power to intercept normal flight parameters


Normal Approach

-Maintain 500' AGL and 70 KIAS
-At 180*: Power, Pedal, Pause, Trim, Turn
-Arrive at 90* at 300' AGL and 60 KIAS
-Intercept course line at 150' AGL AND 50 KIAS with 600-800' straightaway
-Set decel attitude and adjust collective to maintain 10-20* glide slope


Quick stop from a hover

-Begin transition to forward flight
-At 35' and 50 KIAS, level off
-Coordinate aft cyclic and down collective to slow to 25 KIAS while maintaining altitude
-Recover by coordinating up collective and forward cyclic to accelerate to 50 KIAS.
-Resume transition to forward flight.


Sliding landing

-Intercept final course line
-Maintain translational lift (13-15 KTS)
-At 5-10' AGL, level skids to touchdown with 3-15 KTS groundspeed
-Maintain heading with pedals
-After touchdown, smoothly lower collective as necessary to bring aircraft to a gradual stop and lower to full down once stopped

-Level skids, forward and down


No hover landing

-Utilize normal approach
-As helicopter approaches ground effect, adjust collective to continue descent to a landing with little to no groundspeed


Hydraulic boost off approach

-In upwind, instructor will turn the boost to off
-Fly pattern at a comfortable airspeed and similar to normal approach
-Terminate in a 5' hover taxi