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the song is the lead single for which beyonce album?



what is significant about the time of formation's release?

it was the day before beyonce's super bowl half time performance


when was the music video released?

alongside the single


what award did the video win?

a clio award for innovation and creative excellence in a music video


what backdrop is the video set against?

the flooding in new orleans following hurricance katrina and the assoicated racial tension in america


what is an example of the racial tensions following the new orleans floods?

kanye west commenting about president george bush


what is an intertexual reference in the video?

it uses footage from a bounce documentary, That B.E.A.T. and refers to news footage of police brutality


what is successful about the release date off the single?

being so close to her super bowl performance which would be streamed to over 100 million people. this would have impacted the glocal circulation of the video and financial gain