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When and where was A Doll's House first performed?

1879 in Copenhagen


Definition of Ibsenite

"an unlovely, selfish creed" of individualism - Clement Scott


What happened after Norway became more industrialised?

it brought more money into the country as well as creating more jobs and opportunities (Hagemann 417-418)
- the upper-middle class became larger. Before this class existed, most of the people with wealth were a part of the
aristocracy, and therefore born into money (Larson).
- few members of the aristocracy had come from the
indigenous population. Now, people could work their way up, and enter into the upper-middle class through hard work and


What did Ibsen say in his notes for the play in 1878?

"A woman cannot be herself in contemporary society, it is an exclusively male society with laws drafted by men, and with counsel and judges who judge feminine conduct from the male point of view"


What preceded Ibsen on the stage?

- the Romantic movement w focus on emotional intensity and sensationalised and hisghly stylised action, involving duels, poinson, over-blown love affairs, grand scenic landscapes, stirringly sentimental music and special effects


What were the Melodrama and "well-made play"'s?

represented and overly theatrical style of acting that was arguably mannered, out of touch with modern social changes stale
- Nora's revelations do not lead to a happy ending that would typify a 'well-made play'


How did Ibsen reference his early career in A Doll's House?

- the landscape that is evoked in Nora's contemplation of suicide and the wintry, northern atmosphere of her final conversation with Dr. Rank


Where is there symbolism in the play?

- the overall concept of a doll's house
- the christmas tree
- the Tarantella


How is it a 'well-made play'?

- its revelations of plot in Nora's interplay w Krogstad and Mrs Linde