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Can you talk to the Subcontractor?

No. The architect can talk to the owner, who will pass the information to the contractor. But since the architect acts as the owner's agent, you can talk to the contractor.


What is additional insured for?

Sometimes claims can be made against the owner together with against the architect, so the architect may be asked for additional coverage


Who are the owner's consultants?

Civil and geotechnical


What services is the architect responsible for?

Structural, mechanical, electrical


If the owner's kitchen consultants have not provided the electric schematics for the architect on time, is the architect responsible for not providing the drawings on schedule?

No, the architect is not responsible for timeliness and accuracy of the owner's consultants work, but shall rely on their info.


What should the architect do if he notices a mistake in the owner's consultant's drawings? (i.e. kitchen)

Inform the owner.


Failure to meet the schedule is

A breach of contract


What should be included in the schedule?

Construction commencement dates and the date of Substantial Completion


Can the architect adjust the schedule?

Yes, with the owner's approval.


If in the conversation with the contractor the owner decided to male some design changes, will the architect be responsible for that?

No, it was made without the architect's approval


Is the architect responsible for contacting legal authorities required to approve the Construction Documents?



Schematic Design Phase responsibilities

Preliminary evaluation, program, schedule, budget for the Cost of Work- The Initial Information


If the architect notices inconsistencies in the information discovered about the site or what the site needs treatment, what should the architect do?

Inform the owner, advise that the surveys/ grading needs to be done by geotechnical (for example)


Is it a contractual obligation of the architect to inform the owner about the need of consultants and problems with the site?

Yes. You cannot remain silent.


What is important after the presentation of the preliminary evaluation?

"Meeting of the minds", getting shared understanding.


If it says "the architect shall consider a sustainable design alternative", is the architect obligated?

No, it is only to consider, sustainable design goes as an additional service.


What must the architect CONSIDER and discuss with the owner in schematic design phase?

Sustainable design alternative and value of alternative materials, building systems and equipment.


Who is responsible for preparing the estimate of the Cost of Work?

The Architect


What are the strategies regarding cost estimation?

Use AIA guidelines/ hire a cost estimator/ refuse in contract to provide a cost estimation to avoid liability


How does SD phase end?

With the submittal of documents to the owner


Why is it important to send a submittal for SD?

The fee may depend on it as a percent for each phase. It is required in the contract before you can move on to DD.


What is the difference of DD from SD?

Building systems start being incorporated, details are added.


Can the architect update the cost estimate after DD?



Must the architect detail everything in the drawings?

No, the contractor provides shop drawings. The architect, however, must review shop drawings and other information provided by the contractor.


Who issues certificate of payment to the contractor?

The architect