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What do sensory neuron do

carry electrical impulses from sense organ to CNS


What do inter neuron do

nerve cell found in CNS that connect with other neurons


What do motor neuron do

nerve cell, carry electrical impulse from CNS to muscle and glands (effectors), this can be rapid action or slow response


What are neurons

specialised cells that carry electrical impulse. they have a synapse between them


what is a neurotransmitter

chemicals which transfer a chemical message of the impulse across the synapse or from neuron to effector organ


what are the steps of neurotransmitter diffusing over a synapse

1) electrical only travels in one direction (cell body to axon terminal)
2) electrical impulse trigger nerve endings to release neurotransmitter
3) neurotransmitter diffuse over synapse
4) neurotransmitter binds with receptor molecules or next neuron and stimulates it to transmit the electrical impulse


What is the reflex arc

1) pain receptor detects stimulus
2) electrical impulse towards CNS along sensory neuron to inter neuron
3) inter neuron relay protective response to the motor neuron
4) motor neuron send electrical impulse to correct muscle/effector