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Point 1

- 2

-Has some control at the time an enabling act is made
-As it sets limits for making delegated legislation under that Act


Point 2

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Do what

- the Delegated Powers Scrutiny Committee in the HoL
- decide whether the provisions in a Bill
- to delegate legislative power are inappropriate
- its report is presented to the HoL
- has no power to amend Bill


Point 3

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- some enabling acts require Affirmative resolution from Parliament
- before DL can become law
- DL has to be laid before both Houses
- only becomes law if voting approval is done within a specific time


Point 3


The Hunting Act 2004 = minister may allow hunting with dogs in some circumstances if Parliament agree


Point 4

- 3

- much DL is subject to negative resolution
- put before parliament
- if no member puts a motion to make it invalid within 40 days = becomes law


Point 5

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- Joint Committee on SIs
- with members from both houses
- review all SIs and draw attention by Parliament to any SIs that need special consideration
- has no power to change it, just reports it and provides checks


Point 5

- 2

- Parliament has ultimate safeguard
- can withdraw the delegation and make it no longer valid