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Made by whom?

Queen and Privy Council


Point 1

Can be used for..
And example

A wide variety of purposes

E.g. Regulations of certain professional bodies


Point 2

When are they used?
And example

When an ordinary statuary instrument would be inappropriate

E.g transferring responsibilities between government departments


Point 3

Were used to..

Transfer powers from ministers of UK government to ministers of
Devolved assemblies in
Scotland and Wales


Point 4

Used to..
And example

Dissolve Parliament in preparation for a General Election and sometimes make specific law changes

E.g. Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to reclassify cannabis


Point 5

In times of emergency..
And example

When Parliament is not sitting,
An Order in Council can be made
Under the Emergency Powers Act 1920
And the
Civil Contingencies Act 2004

E.g used during fuel crisis of 2000