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What two structures pass through the Optic Canal of the skull?

1. Optic N. (CN II)*
2. Ophthalmic A.

* one mentioned in notes


What four structures pass through the Superior Orbital fissure?

1. Oculomotor (CN III) nerve
2. Trochlear (CN IV) nerve
3. Abducens (CN VI) nerve
4. Ophthalmic nerve (V1 branch of trigeminal nerve)
(Also superior ophthalmic vein)


What structure passes through the Foramen Spinosum?

Middle meningeal artery


What structure does Foramen Ovale transmit?

Mandibular nerve (V3)


What structure does the internal carotid artery enter the skull through (two names)?

Carotid canal ( also called Foramen lacerum)


What two structures go through the Internal Acoustic Meatus?

1. Facial nerve (CN VII)
2. Vestibulocochlear nerve ( CN VIII)


What 3 nerves pass through the Jugular Foramen?

1. Glossopharyngeal n. (CN IX)
2. Vagus n. (CN X)
3. Accessory n. (CN XI)

(Also, sigmoid sinus and posterior meningeal artery)


Through what structure does CN XII. Leave the cranium? Name of the nerve?

Hypoglassal canal; obviously CN XII is Hypoglossal n.


Where do spinal branches of CN XI (accessory) enter the cranium before joining the cranial branches and exiting via the Jugular Foramen?

Enter via the Foramen magnum


What two elevations in the cranial floor may cause injury to the brain in quick change in acceleration, like in a MVA.

1. Lesser wing of sphenoid
2. Petrous ridge of temporal bone