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How is crooks bitter?

Crooks takes pleasure in mentally hurting Lennie because he has been hurt by so many people before.


Quotation showing Crooks is bitter?

‘ Crooks’ face lighted with pleasure at the torture‘


Crooks analysis of being bitter

Crooks clearly enjoys tormenting Lennie (by suggesting that George will abandon him). His cruelty towards Lennie, who is very innocent and has been nice to Crooks, can make the reader see him as an unpleasant character. However, when Crooks goes on to talk about the racism he has experienced, it becomes more understandable why he behaves in this way.


How is Crooks discriminated against?

The racism directed towards Crooks is very obvious and not hidden by the other characters on the ranch


Quotation showing Crooks is discriminated against

‘This is just a ****** talkin’, an’ a busted-back ******. So it don’t mean nothing, see?‘


Crooks analysis of being discriminated against

Racial slurs are used to describe Crooks frequently on the ranch. Crooks uses the language of the white men to describe himself, to show that he is aware of how little he is respected and how no thought is shown for his feelings. No one on the ranch is interested in anything that Crooks has to say and he is fully aware of this