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What signs are there of an ischaemic CRVO?

  • v/a < 6/60
  • RAPD


Which CRVO patients are eligible for anti-VEGF treatment?

  • non-ischaemic CRVO
  • reduced v/a
  • retinal thickness great than 300(spectralis), 250(topcon)


What exclusion criteria are there?

  • Active neovasc
  • Significant ischaemia
  • v/a < 3/60
  • Duration of macula oedema > 2years
  • Stroke/heart attack or TIA in previous 3 months


How many appointments are initially booked?



At the 4th appointment the px's vision has plateaued and the OCT is dry what is the treatment?

Inject and extend to 8 weeks


 A patient attends for their 10th appointment, they were dry at 8 weeks but today there is fluid and a reduced v/a at 10 weeks what would be the treament?

Inject and reduce follow up to 8 weeks


At the 4th appointment there has been no improvement in v/a and the OCT is still wet what is the management?

Patient is considered non-responder and Ozurdex is offered.


At 4th appoinment OCT is dry but v/a has not plateaued what is the management?

Inject and see again in 4/52 until v/a has plateaued.


A patient has not had an injection for 16 weeks and is dry on the scan and v/a is stable what is the management?

Discuss with med ret consultant and discharge from injection clinic.


What is the average number of injections a patient with CRVO will need?

50% need bimonthly injections for 4 years.


What gain of vision do 50% of patient achieve?

15 letter gain.