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Ace of cups

Overall satisfaction with life, success through use of intuition and creativity, new relationships, pregnancy or childbirth, yes answer.


Two of cups

Love, positive relationships, life full of close friendships, mutual love and respect, yes answer.


Three of cups

Abundance of love and joy, happy gatherings and celebrations, success, yes answer


Four of cups

Boredom, disappointment, need to re-evaluate aspect of your life, settling and missing opportunities, maybe.


Five of cups

Sadness & loss, may not be appreciating what you have in life, avoiding something to come due to fear of disappointment, no answer.


Six of cups

Reconciliation & leaving the past behind, apology, returning to your past to unlock skeletons, sense of relief and moving forward, yes answer.


Seven of cups

Confusing decisions, wishful thinking, and temptation due to lack of morality, delusional ambitions, poor choices, no answer.


Eight of cups

Change to lifestyle, avoidance, need to give or turn away from something, no answer.


Nine of cups

Joy, satisfaction, contentment, bright future, a period where all your wishes will be granted in the future, yes answer.


Ten of cups

Harmony, abundance, happiness, personal or family dreams coming true, life security & satisfaction, positive achievements and emotional stability, yes answer.


Page of cups

Good news and new happy beginnings, yes answer.


Knight of cups

New opportunities, self acceptance, finding the proper path for your life, yes answer


Queen of cups

Transformation from within, good listener and loving counselor, maybe.


King of cups

Being able to make decisions based off of channeling experiences, being able to give helpful advice, maybe answer.