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Discuss the item(s) developed in Plan Phase of Task-Based Curriculum

The TPP from NAVEDTRA 130 series. This is the blueprint for coursed development/revise


Discuss the items developed in Analyze Phase.

The CTTL. All data and documents are analyzed to determine duties, tasks, and skills selected for trainining.(building Block)


Discuss the items developed in Design Phase.

The TCCD. various products from analysis, research, and design are collected to state the structure, content, and management info for a course.Front matter, curriculum outline, and annexes.


Describe what is required of a skill and knowledge learning objective.

Knowlege is what a person gains through experience and the skill is the ability to do something. These objectives are described with action verbs followed by qualifiers or standards.


Discuss the items developed in Develop Phase.

Lesson Plan, Trainee Guide, Test Items, Instuctional Media Material.


Discuss the purpose of the Implementation Phase.

Resolve any issues that came up during the course pilot and implement the couse upon CCAs letter of promulgation.


Discuss the purpose of the Evaluate Phase.

internal assessment of training methods and materials, external feedback from performance of fleet graduates in the field.