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What is the pathway of the CV?

* Starts inside lower abdomen below CV3(Bao) and emerges at CV1 in the perineum. Then, ascends along the midline of the abdomen, chest, throat and jaw, terminating at CV24.

The interior portion
winds around the mouth→GV28, terminates below the eyes at ST1

*Branch: arises from Bao, enters the spine and ascends along the back


What is the Luo point and describe it's pathway

Descends from CV15 and spreads over the abdomen


What are the actions of the CV channel?

1. Treating disorders of local area
2. Regulating respective Zang-Fu organs
3. Strengthen the body or rescue Yang
4. Descending rebellion of ST-Qi or LU-Qi


What are some Front Mu points located on the CV channel?

- CV3: Front-Mu of BL, Meeting pt of CV, LV, SP, KD
- CV4: Front-Mu of SI, Meeting pt of CV, LV, SP, KD
- CV5: Front-Mu of TW
- CV12: Front-Mu of ST, Hui-Meeting point of Fu
- CV14: Front-Mu of HT
- CV17: Front-Mu of PC, Hui-Meeting point of Qi, Sea of Qi


What are the 4-Star CV points?

****: CV3, CV4, CV6, CV12, CV17


Which point has a cooling quality, is best for damp-heat conditions (like UTIs), excess patterns?



Which point builds qi and moves qi, and has a strong moving quality?



Which point is used for water separation and promotes the circulation of fluids in the abdomen?



Which point tonifies qi, blood, yin, and yang... and has a strong tonficiation effect for deficienct and cold conditions (KD def)