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Italy's largest producing region for Traditional Method sparkling wines is:



What are the principal grapes of Franciacorta?

Which one dominates plantings?

  • Chardonnay (75% of plantings)
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Bianco (little being replanted)


Franciacorta is located in which region in Italy?



Still white and red wines made in the same area as Franciacorta are bottled under this DOC appellation. 

Curtefranca DOC


What geographic feature is on the northern boundary of Franciacorta?

Lake Iseo


What effect does Lake Iseo have on Franciacorta?

Moderating effect on daily and seasonal temperatures, though spring frost can be an issue.


What is the climate of Franciacorta?

Warm Continental


What are some of the moderating influences on Franciacorta?

  • Cool downdrafts from the Alps;
  • Lake Iseo.

Franciacorta's warm continental climate allows fruit to ripen consistently while these moderating influences help the fruit retain acidity.


What are the soils of Franciacorta?

6 main soil types, so there's a range in expression and complexity.


Is there much vintage variation in Franciacorta?

Not a lot of vintage variation in Franciacorta due to grapes being picked early (late August) so they avoid autumn rain.


What is Franciacorta's ripening period compared to Trento?

Franciacorta's ripening period is shorter than Trento.


New vineyards being planted in Franciacorta must have what planting density?

4500 plants/ha


In Franciacorta, what sort of training sytems are now prohibited?

What are the training systems that are now the standard?

Prohibited: heavy cropping training systems, such as pergola and Geneva Double Curtain.

Standard today: cordon training with spur pruning or head training with replacement-cane pruning (Guyot).


Is Franciacorta mostly estates, co-ops, or small growers?

Mostly estates with estate-grown fruit

  • 75% of them are organic


Is Franciacorta whole-bunch pressed or destemmed?

Whole-bunch pressed

  • ensures low phenolics


What is the maximum yield limit in Franciacorta?


Just like Champagne!


What vessels are typically used to make Franciacorta?

  1. Stainless steel most used - preserves primary fruit flavors;
  2. Old oak used for Riserva, Millesimato - adds complexity.


Malolactic conversion in Franciacorta:

  • It's always used.
  • It's never used.
  • It varies by producer, vintage, and style.

It varies by producer, vintage, and style


Franciacorta must be made using which method?

Traditional Method


How common is it for Franciacorta producers to use reserve wines?

Large producers will most often use reserve wines, but smaller producers generally do not.


Is Franciacorta mostly Non-vintage or Vintage?

It's mostly Vintage but not labeled as such.


Discuss the general style of Non-vintage Franciacorta:

  • What are the grapes?
  • How long sur lie?
  • Is it typically blends of vintages or from a single vintage?

  • Usually a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; can have up to 50% Pinot Bianco;
  • Minimum 18 months sur lie;
  • Typically fruit from a single vintage but not labeled as such.



Discuss the general style of Franciacorta Satèn:

  • What are the grapes?
  • Minimum aging sur lie?
  • What is the only style in which it's allowed to be produced?
  • What is specific about the pressure?

  • White grapes only; usually 100% Chardonnay;
  • Minimum 24 months sur lie;
  • Only made in Brut style;
  • Less sugar in tirage which yields pressure not more than 5 atmospheres.



Discuss the general style of Franciacorta Rosé:

  • What is the minimum percentage of Pinot Noir?
  • How does it get its color?
  • Minimum aging sur lie?

  • Minimum 35% Pinot Noir (law since 2018);
  • Color from skin contact, though blending red wine is allowed;
  • Minimum 24 months sur lie.


Discuss the general style of Franciacorta Millesimato:

  • If the vintage is declared, what is the minimum percent of fruit that must be from that year?
  • Minimum aging sur lie?

  • 85% from that vintage;
  • Minimum 30 months sur lie.


If a Franciacorta Millesimato wine has spent a minimum of 60 months sur lie (instead of 30 months), what can it be called?


Franciacorta Riserva


Since 2003, Franciacorta no longer has to put what on the label?

DOCG -- producers can just put 'Franciacorta' on the label


One-third of all Franciacorta produced is made by these 3 companies:

  1. Guido Berlucchi
  2. Ca' del Bosco
  3. Bellavista


What percent of Franciacorta production is exported?

10% exported

  • Japan, Switzerland, Germany, USA account for the majority of exports

90% stays in Italy


What is the trademarked name for a bottle-fermented sparkling wine grown in Trento DOC using classic Champagne grape varieties?

Trentodoc (trademarked in 2007)