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What are the effects of each type of radiation based on?

How much energy the waves transfer


What is the effect of low frequency waves and an example?

Radio waves
Don’t transfer much energy and pass mostly through soft tissues without being absorbed


What is the effect of high frequency waves and examples?

UV, X-Ray, Gamma Ray
Transfer lots of energy so can cause lots of damage


What does UV radiation do to tissue?

Damages surface cells, which leads to sunburn and can cause skin to age prematurely, it can also cause blindness and an increased risk of skin cancer


What types of radiation are X-Rays and Gamma Rays and what can they cause?

Ionising radiation
Can cause gene mutation or cell destruction and cancer


What is radiation dose and what is it measured in?

A measure of the risk of harm from the body being exposed to radiation
Measured in sieverts


What is radiation dose not a measure of?

The total amount of energy that has been absorbed


What does risk depend on?

• The total amount of radiation absorbed
• How harmful the type of radiation is


1Sv = ????mSv

1Sv = 1000mSv


What does a CT scan use?

X-Rays and a computer to build up a picture of the inside of the body


What is the chance of risk of a CT scan to the chest or head?

A person with a CT scan to the chest is 4x more likely to suffer damage to their genes