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Gives us prescise and consistent information
2 people - interviewer and interviewee
questions may not be fully understood by the interviewee

Direct or Interview Method


Questions are written to prepared questions
requires less time
inexpensive and gives a respondent a feeling of freedom in answering honestly since there is secrecy

Questionnaire Method


Enforced by Certain laws:
Registration of Birth, Marriage, Death

Registration Method


observes the behavior, characteristics, reaction, interaction of individuals or an organization
also used when the respondents cant read or write

Observation Method


Used when the objective of the study is to determine the cause and effect if certain phenomenon or events

Experiment Method


Characteristics of a good question

1. Unbiased
2. Clear and simply stated
3. Precise
4. Easy analyses


2 categories of Survey questions

Open question
Closed Question


a survey question that allows a free response

Open Question


A survey question that only allows a fixed response

Closed Questions


Types of Data

Primary Data
Secondary Data


A type of data where information is collected from an original source

Primary Data


A type of data where information is collected from published sources like books, newspapers, journals, thesis

Secondary Data


4 important points to consider

1. if measurement of some characteristics from people are obtained, better results will be achieved if the researches does the measuring instead of asking the respondent for the value
2. method of data collection used may expedite the process. Avoid a medium that produce low response rates
3. Ensure that the methosed used to collect data actually results in a sample that is representative of the population