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A database table is a

Structured collection of related data.


A row or record in a table contains

All the information relating to a single entity such as a person


A column or field in a table holds

a single item of information-one of theseb for each record


What's an Index?

Something that speeds up a search in a database - by inserting the data in a sorted order. For example, if a table is indexed by surname, a new record for Mr Aardvark would be inserted right at the top of the index, making it easier to find. If data is indexed alphabetically, you know when to stop searching (e.g. searching for Jones and you reach Miss Kumar - you know there isn't a Jones because you have gone past Js


What makes a database quicker for a user to search through?

An index


SQL stands for...?

Structured Query Language


In SQL an asterisk means

Select all fields


A query is

a way of searching for specific data in a database


A flat file database is

data stored in a single table or file


If you had a table containing Bill, Jane and Fred and a select statement that gave ORDER BY name DESC, what order would they appear in?

Jane, Fred, Bill