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Phase III DBS trials:

- PD, MDD, Dystonia, Epilepsy OCD, TS


General DBS mechanisms

> Pathway activation
àIncreased release glu / DA in projection areas
> Depolarization block (hyperpolarization or
neurotransmitter depletion)
- No production of AP’s
> Neural jamming
- Neural network disruption by additional nerve impulses
> Net inhibition of the network
- Preferential activation inhibitory neurons (GABA, adenosine)
- Properties network itself when driven at high rate


DBS - striatal DA release?

- DA release appears to remain stable with DBS, but DA metabolite levels have been shown to increase


How may DBS in the STN work?

- STN stim may lead to a repair in striatal DA functioning with re-establishement of the balance between the direct and indirect pathway
- DBS may restore network oscillation